Search and Rescue Dogs

Search and Rescue Dogs

Dogs and their handlers play a very important part in the world of search and rescue. The dogs' ultra-sensitive hearing, night vision, endurance and keen sense of smell have continually proven to be invaluable in the effort to locate missing persons. With these extraordinary abilities, dogs are often able to reduce the time spent searching, thereby increasing the chances that the mission persons will be found alive.

A search dog's success stems from the fact that every human being has a smell that is not detectable by human beings but discernible by animals. How this scent is detected by the animals is dependent upon the training they have had in trailing or air scenting techniques. In both cases, the search dogs are able to locate missing persons even if they are hidden from view. Experts estimate that a single dog team can be as effective as 20 to 30 trained human searchers in locating a missing person in a given period of time.

Paws of Life

The Paws of Life Foundation (PoL) is dedicated to the education of search and rescue (SAR) dogs and their handlers. PoL works with responders at the local level to fund and provide training to professional volunteer canine handlers. By providing intial and continuing training of the handler, we can help these individuals and their canine partners become a reliable and valuable resource for law enforcement and public safety agencies in the case of lost or missing person. When someone you care about goes missing, these are the people your local sheriff, police chief or fire department calls to assist in the search.

Meet Dunder

Dunder (aka Moses) is a yellow lab/golden retriever mix found at an animal shelter. He currently is certified as a NASAR Type I Area Search Dog and is operational with a wilderness search and rescue team. He is also in training for FEMA level disaster search with Nebraska Task Force 1.