Paul Purcell

paul-purcell.jpgPaul Purcell is the lead security analyst and preparedness consultant for InfoQuest Investigators in Atlanta, GA. Having grown up in a military family that moved constantly, and having spent the early part of his career in hospitality industry risk management, Paul has been exposed to numerous risks, threats, disasters, and emergency situations.

The combination of a lifetime of preparedness experience with risk management and business continuity consulting led him to create the comprehensive disaster education package Disaster Prep 101 which is now a part of the 1-800-PREPARE family of life-saving products. Paul is a member of our advisory team and is part of our consultant educator lineup for onsite presentations. His areas of expertise include:

Corporate Security Analysis (including Red Team work) to include:

  • General Risk Management & Site Security
  • Terrorism Preparedness and Reaction
  • Disaster Preparedness and Reaction
  • Workplace Violence Prevention and Reaction

Business Continuity Consulting to include:

  • Human Resource Preparedness
  • Workplace Disaster / Terrorism Reaction
  • Pandemic Influenza Preparedness
  • Private / Public Sector Relationships / Liaison

Previous presentations based on his areas of expertise were made to such groups as:

  • DeKalb County Homeland Security
  • Emergency Management Association of Georgia
  • State of Georgia PTA
  • United States Security Institute Foundation
  • Georgia Department of Public Health
  • GA Association of Professional Private Investigators
  • Colorado Division of Emergency Mgt
  • Soldiers for the Truth Foundation
  • Coastal Health District of Georgia
  • Morehouse School of Medicine Homeland Security
  • GA Public Health for the 2004 G-8 Summit held at Sea Island, GA.
  • and many others.

Paul Purcell's Homepage is: Disaster Prep 101