Gregg Hamerschlag


Gregg launched and is currently CEO of Primary Wave Media, an intellectual property licensing and branding company where he has successfully negotiated long-term license agreements with industry leaders including Time Warner, AT&T Wireless, Comcast and Bank of America.  An early pioneer in shared-use telephony, Gregg has signed over 1000 contracts with local market advertisers in multiple industries using Primary Wave IP including 1-800-CABLE-TV, 1-800-WIRELESS, 1-800-HOMECARE and 1-800-HOSPICE, among others. Primary Wave Media has grown by an annualized growth rate of 40% or better per year, while building a long term licensing revenue stream and equity value for investors.

Gregg is also a founding partner of Primary Wave Music Publishing which acquires culturally important iconic catalogs including Kurt Cobain/Nirvana, Steven Tyler/Aerosmith, Hall & Oates and Chicago, among others. Primary Wave Music provides numerous opportunities to enhance long-term value while preserving the musical integrity of its artistry.

In launching the business, Gregg was successful in raising several rounds of senior and subordinated debt and equity to purchase catalogues and build the management team. In addition, he and his partners launched Primary Wave Records, to produce master recordings and film documentaries for resale through distribution partners and broadcasting.

Earlier in his career, Gregg founded and was Chairman and CEO of Priority Home Care, Inc, one of the largest privately held home health care companies in the northeast, that was acquired by a public company.

At the start of his career, Gregg individually owned a seat on New York Futures Exchange and successfully traded proprietary risk arbitrage for a 10 year period.

Gregg was a New York State Certified EMT and CVAC volunteer for 7 years.

Gregg is on the board of the high school scholarship fund, coaches travel baseball for his three sons and is active in many other charity and community organizations.