First Responders

At 1800 Prepare we hold a special place in our hearts for members of the rescue community. As 1st responders ourselves, we firmly believe in both the need for members of our communities to be prepared and for all our rescue personnel to be prepared. We are commited to donating a portion of our sales to organizations and charities. These organizations will either be groups that directly respond to emergencies or disasters or groups that help people recover afterwards. Please let us know if you have a group we should consider.

As we grow our website, we plan on adding more and more articles on different aspects of preparedness. We also plan to grow out our forum and newsletter. One of our many projects will be to add a rescue personnel only section that will include articles, training, products and services geared specifically towards this community.

As you look through our site, I want to point out a few opportunities for you.

1. Fundraising - Our kits make great items for a fundraising program for your department or group. You can have a preparedness day, week or month and sell our kits to the members of your community. This will make for a great program, engage your community, make them more prepared and raise money for you.

2. Affiliate Program -  If you have a department, organization or personal website, you should consider joining our affiliate program. We set up our program with a great company called Share-A-Sale. If you join our program and place one of our links or banners on your site you will earn a 10% commission for each and every person who clicks through to our site and makes a purchase. This is a great way to earn money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can even include a link or banner in an email campaign to help drive even more sales.

3. Discount Code - We have set up the discount code "responder" for you to use in the checkout process. This will give you a 20% discount on anything you purchase directly from our site. Please feel free to share this code with other members of the rescue community.

4. Drop Ship Program - We know many of the members of our rescue community have other jobs. We have created a drop ship program for people interested in re-selling our products either directly in their communities or through their own websites. This is a business that can be set up with little or no product overhead. Please contact me at to learn more about this program

Having a basic preparedness kit is one of the important steps we believe everyone should take as they evaluate their over-all preparedness plan. We thank you for visiting our site and more importantly, we thank you for what you do everyday.