Personal Survival Kits

Having a good personal survival kit on hand is the surest way to protect yourself in the event of hurricane, earthquake or attack. The bets of these clever items pack miniature versions of everything you need into a compact container, meaning you never have to look elsewhere for the proper items. Here at 1-800-PREPARE, we have been creating the industry's finest personal survival kits for more than a decade.

What makes one personal survival kit better than another? The simplest distinction is quality--not every kind of pack contains properly sealed water, food and batteries. Beyond quality, however, it is essential to look for kits that contain every possible product you could need in a pinch, including sources of light, warmth and communication.

Our personal survival kits go beyond the basics to give you a number of smart choices you simply cannot find anywhere else. Look around the catalog and you will see tissues, work gloves, solar-power flashlights and more--countless products that stand as testament to the power of reliability. Many of these can be included in versions of our kits, and you can always add more on an a la carte basis.

1-800-PREPARE covers all the bases when it comes to personal survival. Contact us if you want to learn how to cover all your bases today.