Office Survival Kits

Finding office survival kits that can protect several coworkers at once is easier than you may imagine, and at 1-800-PREPARE we are leading the charge. Unlike most such products that are essentially re-purposed versions of home kits, our kits are designed specifically to meet the demands of an office environment. That means if disaster strikes during the week, you will have plenty of protection on hand.

People spend most of their times in their workplace so it's not uncommon to find yourself stranded in the office when disaster strikes. As such, you want to assemble a proper office survival kit to ensure that you and your colleagues will be able to cope with the current situation until help arrives.

Getting started

One thing that you need to understand is that a natural or man-made disaster can cause the disruption of those services that you tend to take for granted. Even when you're in the office, you may not be able to get access to electricity, water or even outside communication media such as telephones or mobile phones. So you need to make sure that your office survival kit will allow you to be self-sufficient for at least three days � that's usually how long it can take before rescue arrives.

Where to place them

You want to put your disaster kit in an area that will be easily accessible. Make sure to inform your other colleagues about the existence of these supplies so anyone can access it in case of emergency. Your supplies should be stored in a watertight container that is also easy-to-carry should you need to move to another area with it. A duffel bag or a large plastic garbage can with lid should suffice.

What's in it?

Your office survival kit should include all the necessities that you will need to survive on your own for three days. These will include ready to eat food, first aid kit, water, flashlights, hygiene supplies and clothing to name a few. You will also need certain tools such as manual can openers, Swiss knives, battery-operated radios and fresh batteries, and plastic bags for sanitation purposes.

On your own, make it a point to keep sturdy walking shoes in the office in case you need to be moved to an area that is only accessible by foot. You will also want to keep all your important personal documents with you at all times. These include health insurance and identification cards, prescription medications and spare keys to your home and car.

Disasters and emergencies often come unannounced and unexpectedly that you cannot predict where you will be when they strike. This is why aside from maintaining a home emergency kit, office survival kits are also to be maintained. You and your officemates would benefit a lot if your workplace has one or two well-stocked survival kits that you can pull out should a flood or heavy storm keep you stranded inside.

The home versus the office

A common misconception regarding office survival kits is that they are simply reproductions of home survival kits. The two may have some similarities but they are different from one another for the simple fact that an office is largely different from a home. In an office, you have access to fewer supplies such as food, water, clothing, and bedding. These items may be readily available in your home but not in your place of work, which is why office survival kits should have more of these than kits for the home. 

More expansive


Another unique feature of office survival kits is that they are very expansive. These kits need to be such because they are intended to protect and service a larger number of people. Offices usually have more people than homes so it is important that office emergency kits have more supplies in them than a home or personal emergency kit. Moreover, it is often advisable to have several kits in a single office to make sure that everyone would be well provided for.

Basic contents

As mentioned above, an office survival kit is quite similar with a home emergency kit �at least in terms of the type of supplies it contains. Survival kits for offices basically have a food and water kit, first aid supplies, emergency equipment, and a basic tool box. Again, these should be in larger quantities that a personal kit. Office survival kits should have lots of beddings and blankets to keep everyone warm and enough food to feed everyone.


Important considerations

The first and foremost consideration when putting together or buying office survival kits is the number of people in the office or in the whole floor. Taking into account this detail would allow you to estimate how many survival kits you need to purchase or put together that will cover the whole floor for days.
Other things to take into account include the size and lay-out of your office as well as the supplies already available in it. For instance, if your office has a well-stocked and maintained pantry, you can choose to put more bucks in blanket than in food when putting together your survival kits.


Surviving in an office is different from surviving in your home for the simple reason that you have fewer amenities on hand. Bedding and blankets may be common where you live, but most work environments tend to be without such creature comforts. That's why our kits cover a wide range of personal and medical needs to ensure you can make it through several days on your own.

Of course the other great advantage to office survival kits is that they can keep a number of people protected at once. Unlike home and personal versions that have little food or water, these expansive packages are designed for five or 10 people at once. Keep a few on hand and an entire floor can safely survive a devastating disaster without undue stress, hunger or thirst.

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