Mini Survival Kits

There is a significant difference between mini survival kits and the kind of extensive versions favored by people with bunkers. The smaller kits are designed and manufactured to be lightweight, portable and easy to use--perfect if you have to pack up or take shelter in a hurry. Here at 1-800-PREPARE, we are proud to offer some of the most intelligently designed mini versions anywhere on the Web.

The great advantage of mini survival kits such as these is that they go anywhere you do. Clients and customers tell us these kits have found their way onto boats, camping trips, even hikes--ideal if you travel often. And because the kits last for years at a stretch, you never have to worry about replacing items or monitoring what you have.

You may be surprised by the number of essential items we can pack into mini survival kits such as these:

  • Food, water, a survival blanket and a poncho
  • Tissue pack, a safety whistle, dust mask and latex gloves
  • 54-function knife, 32-piece first aid kit, light stick and a flashlight
  • The mini survival kit itself, manufactured of sturdy nylon

You simply cannot take your home with you when disaster strikes. Our emergency survival kits are made for fast action and immediate protection no matter what kind of incident may strike. To learn more about these safe and reliable products, please contact us right away.