Hurricane Survival Kits

Living through a hurricane can be a dangerous proposition, which is why most experts recommend putting together a survival kit for your family. If you have ever tried to assemble something like this, however, you may have discovered that it can take hours of shopping all over the map. Here at 1-800-PREPARE, we can make your life easier with our pre-packaged, reliable kits.

Hurricanes pose a number of challenges you simply do not get from floods or earthquakes. One of the most important is that they tend to blow out the power almost immediately, leaving your family without essential heat or a way to preserve food. Our survival kits are designed expressly to keep you healthy for days at a stretch, ensuring you are available when help arrives.

One of the most devastating effects of many hurricanes is the injuries they inspire. Our survival packs come with first aid kits, lights and plenty of supplies to help you treat anyone in your home quickly. Add in heavy work gloves, radios and more and it's no wonder so many people tell us they would have been quite literally lost without these products.

You will never know the extent of damage that a hurricane can cause until you're in the middle of it. And even then, you probably wouldn't still have a clear idea. So it's best to be prepared to cope with the calamity through carefully-assembled hurricane survival kits. These kits will help you survive a hurricane in case you don't get immediately rescued and evacuated to a safer area. The disaster kits will also come in handy during evacuation because it will ensure that you have everything that you and your family will need until you can get back to your home.

What you need

When assembling your hurricane survival kits you want to include all the basic things that you will need for survival: food, clean water and clothes. You need to keep a stock of these items that are enough to last for three days which is about how long it could take before you get rescued.

Aside from these items, you will also need a battery-operated radio, flashlight for each member of the family, extra batteries for these gadgets, and disposable eating utensils. You will also need personal hygiene items such as soap, toothbrush, shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant among others.


Part of preparing for hurricane survival kits is getting all your important documents together. Make sure to put all these papers in a waterproof packaging. Important documents that you may need to take with you when you evacuate include personal identification, insurance policies, photos and photocopies of prescriptions.

First aid kit

Your first aid kit needs to contain all the essentials: band aids, bandages, scissors, sterile pads, gauze bandage, non-prescription medication and insect repellent. If one of your family members is under medication for a specific health problem, you want to keep a stock of prescription drugs in your kit as well.


Aside from those mentioned, your hurricane survival kits should also contain a change of clothes for each member of your family, extra pair of shoes, blankets and sleeping bags. Make sure to place all these in an easy to move container, preferably a plastic trash container with lid.

Put your hurricane kit through our help here at 1800 PREPARE. We offer a wide inventory of disaster kits and emergency supplies that you will need to cope with any calamity. Here at 1800 PREPARE, we also offer helpful tips on safety precautions that you need to observe when in the middle of a disaster. 

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