Hurricane Kits

It's quite next to impossible to go through a whole year without experiencing a hurricane or two in your area. And if you live in a place that gets frequent visits, you want to be well-prepared for any disaster through hurricane kits. These kits are much like your cookie-cutter disaster kits in that they are designed to help you and your family survive on your own in case you don't get easy access to professional rescue and assistance. Your kit should essentially contain the basic things that you will need to survive for at least three days. That is usually how long it could take before help arrives especially if you live in a far-flung area.

Putting it all together

Assembling hurricane kits can be a bit difficult especially when it's just as hard to identify the things that you really need and those that you can live without � even just for a while. When putting your kit together, take note of the specific needs of your family. For instance, if you have babies in the household, you want to prepare non-perishable baby food, infant formula and feeding bottles. Those who have family members with specific dietary concerns due to their health condition will also have to be considered.

What to bring: the essentials

Basic must-haves in your hurricane kits include non-perishable food such as canned goods, water (a gallon per day for each person), flashlight and fresh batteries for every person, first aid kit, prescription medications and photo copies of prescriptions if applicable and portable cookware. You will also need blankets, a change of clothes for everyone and diapers for babies.


If you live in a disaster-stricken area, then you must be familiar with evacuation procedures. Since you can't very well take your whole house with you when you move to a safer place temporarily, you want to make sure that you have the items mentioned above ready. It's also a good idea to place all your important documents in one place so you can easily grab them in case you have to move as soon as possible. Make sure everyone has their photo identification with them. You will need other documents such as proof of occupancy and medical history info among others.

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