Hurricane Emergency Kits

Hurricanes are violent events, known for their overwhelming destructive force, which is why good emergency kits are designed to replace what was lost. Most people who have lived through a major hurricane know that the aftermath can bring unforeseen hazards ranging from broken glass to major house fires. Needless to say, preparing after the fact is far too late.

1-800-PREPARE is a company that understands the profound risks associated with major hurricanes, which is why our products are designed to protect you for days. 72-hour emergency kits fulfill an essential need by giving everyone in your home access to food, water and more throughout this trying time. If aid forces aren't able to reach you right away, 1-800-PREPARE products can do the job instead.

What would you want in a hurricane emergency kit? Standard items like food and water come in every one, of course, but these days more experts recommend other things as well. Surgical masks, work gloves and radios can help you find your way around the house and neighborhood, and good flashlights keep you safe at night. Add in blankets and water purifiers and you may actually find the experience more than bearable.

Do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-PREPARE if you have any questions about the hurricane emergency kits you see here. With years of experience in this industry and an abiding commitment to your satisfaction, 1-800-PREPARE is always available to help. If you have any questions, please contact us right away.