Home Survival Kits

If you have ever heard about the exploding market for home survival kits, you may have wondered what the term means. Products such as these are designed to help see you through emergencies such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and terrorist attacks. What they contain, however, and what kind of quality those products display can be an area of considerable variation.

If you follow the news closely like most people then you would be aware of how both natural and man-made disasters have been ravaging places all over the country and the world. Indeed, the past decade has seen nations facing various threats to their safety and lives such as hurricanes, typhoons, floods, earthquakes and terrorism. No matter how much you prepare for these things, there is no telling when disaster may strike your home. The best you can do is to be prepared at all times and part of this preparedness is having home survival kits in your home. When you and you family are stranded in one place with no sign of any immediate help coming, a good emergency kit can mean the difference between safety and danger.

Keep warm

When putting together home survival kits, many people fail to remember to pack in stuff that can provide warmth and shelter. These people busy themselves with medical supplies and such, but forget about what they will wear and how they will keep themselves warm during disaster. To make sure that you will have plenty of protection against the cold and other elements, make sure you pack a tube tent in your emergency kit. The number of your family members should determine how many tube tents you need to pack. Tube tents usually come with enough space for two persons. Hooded ponchos would also keep you warm, snug and comfortable. Sleeping bags also allow you to sleep soundly even when you are stranded in a cold dank place.

"First-rate" First-Aid

First-aid supplies are also important items in home survival kits. Make sure that you have plenty of bandages, antibacterial gauze and disinfecting pads of various sizes. It's very common for people to become wounded during disasters, and these wounds and bruises can become infected and can lead to worse illnesses when left untreated. Aside from these bandages, you may also want to put in some rubbing alcohol and insect repellent. If one of your family members has a condition where he or she will need to take prescribed medicine regularly, include this medicine in your kit. For instance, perhaps you have an asthmatic brother or a diabetic father.

Here at 1-800-PREPARE, we understand it can be difficult to find precisely what you need. That's why our home survival kits are designed to cover every possible contingency in a compact package, addressing such essential issues as thirst, hunger and warmth. Look inside the packages and you may be astonished at the sheer diversity of preventive measures we can fit in a bucket or backpack.

One of the nice things about shopping for home survival kits here is that you never have to worry about outdated or poorly made products. 1-800-PREPARE is committed to nothing less than the most professional and reliable items in this industry, and today we are even called upon as a supplier to resellers nationwide. If you want kits that will last, there is no better resource anywhere else on the Web.

Being trapped in your home can be a dangerous situation. To protect your family and give yourself precious days to recover, experts recommend keeping a survival kit on hand for every member of the household. Please contact us to learn more.