Emergency Survival Kits

Emergency survival kits offer far more than simple peace of mind. Most families who have lived through a crisis of one sort or another know that such kits can provide essential food, shelter and protection in case of an emergency. If you have come online in search of the very best products in this area, the selection here at 1-800-PREPARE may be exactly what you need.

Unless you were born with superpowers that allow you to look into the future, you are probably not equipped to foresee disasters. Even though some calamities like typhoons and volcanic eruptions can be predicted a little bit ahead of time, there is still no guarantee as to the gravity of the damage that they can cause. This makes it necessary for every home and office to have emergency survival kits at hand. If you will be undertaking an adventure trip in the near future, such as camping in the woods, fishing and hiking through the wilderness or looking for wild animals in the snow, then your need for emergency supplies become even greater. Read on to see what you should pack to increase your chances of survival in sticky situations.

Keeping yourself nourished

All emergency survival kits should contain food and water. Generally, calorie bars and canned food are the most advisable to pack in such kits. Not only are they compact and lightweight � they are also able to give you the energy and nourishment that you surely need to face your plight. You may also want to check the shelf life of the bottled water you are carrying. If it's expired, then you should go down to the store and get fresh bottles of water for your kit. You may also want to stock up on water purification pills or bring a handy water purifying bottle. These items will allow you to get water from almost any source and turn them into purified and safe water that you can enjoy.

Let there be light

When putting together or purchasing emergency survival kits, it's also important to include items that can provide you with enough light. Let's say that you end up lost in the wilderness and help may not come for a matter of days. You will need something to light your way around the dark. A lighter is always a staple in any survival kit. If you're also planning to bring matches, make sure that they are waterproof. Glowsticks and emergency candles are also reliable sources of light. There are also available flashlights in the market that need no batteries�instead, you squeeze the handle to recharge the flashlight.

You don't have to be a hardcore adventure traveler to need to prepare an emergency survival kit. Whether you are going camping and hiking in the woods with your friends, fishing with your family, exploring an unfamiliar terrain for work or even just simply staying at home, a reliable survival kit is highly necessary. If you have been following the news for the past several years, then you would know how easily and unexpectedly disaster can strike. Whether it's an earthquake or typhoon, or a terrorism attack, you will need a compact kit of items that will ensure your chances of survival.

Study your geography

An emergency survival kit pretty much contains standard items that will be useful in any situation or location. However, if you will be doing some traveling, it may be wise to customize your kit according to your destination. This means that aside from the regular emergency items, you may want to pack a few more supplies that will be highly useful in the geographical area that you will be traveling to. For example, if you are going to the desert, it will not make sense to bring body warmers and hooded ponchos. Instead, you should pack some sunscreen, insect repellent and perhaps a hat that can protect your head from the sun.

Keeping your emergency survival kit with you

Another thing to consider is the mode of transportation that you will be using on your travels. If you will be trekking though the desert in a vehicle, then you will obviously be more capable of bringing more stuff with you. However, if you are simply hiking though the mountains, then you may need to strip down your emergency survival kit to the bare essentials. However, be sure to put the most important supplies with you. For instance, you may want to slide the knife into one of your boots, keep a lighter or matches in your pocket, then use a fanny pack or another jacket to hold your map, compass, GPS, etc.

Helping your prepare

Our emergency survival kits contain nothing less than the most reliable products in this industry, including calorie bars that will not go bad and water that remains potable for years at a stretch. Look closer and you will see a number of supplemental products designed to bring comfort and aid as well, from medical kits to so-called "space blankets." There is no better way to get everything you need in a compact package.

Of course, having emergency survival kits on hand is only one part of the equation. If you want to be safe in any situation, it is wise to make a plan of escape and a way to meet up and communicate after a major disaster. Here at 1-800-PREPARE, we offer radios and other simple tools that may help you learn more about how to react when disaster strikes.

Feel free to look around this site and familiarize yourself with the different emergency survival kits we make available. Depending on your needs and the size of your family, you should be able to zero in quickly on the perfect choice. Still have questions? Contact us today!