Emergency Preparedness Supplies

If you have spent any time looking into the latest recommendations for emergency preparedness supplies, you may have found yourself somewhat confused. Not only do many experts disagree about some basic points, but a little research reveals that different government sites even diverge in their advice! The good news is that here at 1-800-PREPARE, we have consolidated all of the most responsible thinking under one roof.

Everyone agrees about a few things when it comes to emergency preparedness. You need food and water for three days at the least, and it helps to have a flashlight, blankets and other essential supplies as well. Beyond such simple items, however, there is a world of advice out there from which you may cull a number of bright ideas.

Here at 1-800-PREPARE, our catalog of disaster products is unrivaled on the Web, including:

  • Light sticks, traditional flashlights and solar flashlights to help you find your way
  • Emergency blankets, tents, ponchos and more to keep you warm and dry
  • Water purifiers, compasses, whistles and mirrors for quick assistance in the wilderness
  • A wide range of eclectic emergency preparedness supplies to suit every climate and catastrophe

Do not hesitate to use this site as a resource if you want to stay ahead of the curve with the best ideas in this field. Our emergency preparedness supplies are constantly updated, so be sure to check back here often. If you have any additional questions about the best way to prepare, please contact us right away.