Earthquake Preparedness Kits

If you live in an area that is prone to seismic activity, you have likely heard the recommendations about earthquake preparedness kits. Most people have trouble imagining how their homes will look in the aftermath of an event like this, but the safe assumption is that you will be without the things you rely upon. Keeping proper products on hand can help see you through the chaos and keep your family safe throughout.

We can help. 1-800-PREPARE has been producing and distributing world-class earthquake preparedness kits for many years now, and in that time we have earned a reputation as true experts in the field. This is a company founded by Navy SEAL instructors who understand what you need when disaster strikes, and we endeavor daily to give our customers the highest standard of protection.

Do a little research and you will inevitably discover what most earthquake preparedness kits have in common. Clean water is of paramount concern, as is having enough food to see you through the worst of the aftermath. Our products are designed expressly to supply your entire family with plenty of shelter and sustenance, and we fill out the catalog with dozens of supplemental products you can use as well.

Surviving an earthquake is about far more than finding a wall or sturdy table when the ground starts shaking. The days following such events can prove disastrous, which is why experts recommend keeping earthquake preparedness kits on hand for every member of your household. Please contact us if you have any questions about the items you see here.