Disaster Preparedness Kits

Let's face it: not all disaster preparedness kits are created equal. Some offer some snacks, a bottle of water and little else--good for an afternoon, perhaps, but hardly the stuff of lasting survival. Here at 1-800-PREPARE, we take an entirely different approach, one borne out of an abiding commitment to essential health and safety for you and your family.

Look around this site and you will find a wide variety of disaster preparedness kits for every possible contingency, from hurricanes to earthquakes to terrorist attacks. The point of each is to give you and your loved ones adequate protection to make it through the first 72 hours following a disaster. Each kit is manufactured and assembled to exacting specifications, ensuring you never have to worry about a thing.

Our disaster preparedness kits are distinguished by the diversity of items they hold, from first aid kits to flashlights, water and food. Each comes with nonperishable guarantees and hardy holding containers, meaning they can be grabbed on the run and used for days. Of course, you can supplement anything you see here with an array of additional items such as matches, water purifiers and more.

It is important that you have a disaster preparedness kit ready because when disasters strike, there's very little chance that you'll have the time to search and pack for the things you need. A disaster preparedness kit isn't even that hard to assemble. More often the not, the things you need can easily be found in your own home.

You have to be ready for any eventuality because you never really know when an earthquake or hurricane would strike your area and inflict a lot of damage. Building disaster preparedness kits is one of the best ways to make sure that you can effectively cope with any calamity that would visit your place. Being prepared spells a whole world of difference especially when it comes to disasters. A proper plan and a kit to supplement the plan minimizes damage and casualties. It also puts the people around you at ease because they know that you've got everything covered.

Building your survival kit

Survival kits are composed of the basic essentials that you and your family will need to survive on your own. In most cases, rescue teams can take an average of three days before they can provide assistance especially when you're located in a far-flung area or a place where all forms of transport are disrupted. This being the case, your disaster preparedness kits should be designed to allow you to fend for your needs and keep you from growing too cold or hungry while waiting.

DIY or assembled kits?

To make the task of building your disaster preparedness kits easier, manufacturers and specialized companies have assembled disaster kits that are now available in many local stores and shopping websites. These ready-made kits contain basic gadgets and tools that you need in case you have to evacuate. Essential components include flashlights, AM/FM radio, waterproof matches, hygiene kits and sleeping bags among others. If you don't have much time to spare, you can buy one of these kits and use them as a good head start to building one that will suit your specific needs. You can customize these disaster preparedness kits according to your concerns.

On the other hand, building your survival kits from scratch would also be a good option especially if you have family members who require specific types of products. For instance, prescription medications, special food for those on a special diet for their health condition, baby food and the like may not be found in cookie-cutter survival kits.

What to include

The most basic things your disaster preparedness kit should contain are food and water. For food, make sure you pack in non-perishables and opt for canned items that are not salty and have high liquid content. Of course, don't forget a manual can opener. For water, a gallon for each person each day should be stored for sanitation and drinking purposes. For both, at least a three-day supply should be at hand. Once food and water are stored, make sure you label the date you put them in since you're going to need to replace them every six months to ensure they're safe. After food and water, make sure you have a first aid kit (with prescription and non-prescription medications), pliers and wrench for turning off utilities, and a full change of clothes (add extra pieces to keep you warm if you're living in the colder areas).

Keeping an eye on your kit

As much as completing a disaster preparedness kit is important, you also need to take the time to maintain the contents of your kit to ensure that everything will be safe for you to use when the time comes. Some of the things you can do include:

• Keep canned goods in a cool, dry place;
• Store boxed foods in tight, closed containers to keep away pests and extend shelf life;
• Check for corrosion or dents in canned goods and throw out those that contain those;
• Keep new items at the back and older ones in front of the storage area; and
• Assess your needs every year and make the necessary updates as your family grows.

Be prepared

If you're looking for a disaster preparedness kit, 1-800-PREPARE ensures that you don't have to go all over the internet just to find the things you need by putting together all the things you're looking for all in one place. Be it tools and equipment or tips and information, we've got you covered. Some of the other items we offer include first aid kits, books, emergency flashlights, water and food, hygiene and sanitation products, bags and backpacks, shelters, and entertainment. We also have a number of closeout specials you can check out for great deals. For more information, call us up at 1-800-PREPARE (1-800-7737273) or you can fill out our online contact form. To stay updated, you can also subscribe to our newsletter by submitting your email address.

1-800-PREPARE does disaster preparedness kits better than anyone in the industry, which may be why so many businesses turn to us for their products. If you want to be safe no matter what comes, we urge you to browse the full catalog and contact us today.