Car Survival Kits

Car survival kits have grown ever more indispensable over the years as Americans spend more time on the road. Versions that once contained little more than flares and a poncho have today given way to fully stocked, essential backpacks filled with everything you need. Here at 1-800-PREPARE, we believe you should never have to sacrifice your safety simply because you are in transit when an emergency strikes.

Accordingly, we have created our car emergency kits with your complete needs in mind. Emergency blankets, food, water, light and more come standard in each pack, and everything inside will last for years without needing replacement. If the unthinkable should happen and you are required to leave your home in a hurry, you'll be relieved that the car is already stocked with such essential survival tools.

One of the advantages of keeping such items in the car is that you never have to worry about damage to your home rendering certain items unreachable. Cars are better able to withstand wind, rain, earthquakes and more, and often you only have time to make it to the garage. Keep our kits on hand for every member of your family and you can be sure you will reach safe ground in good health.

Our car survival kits are assembled and produced right here at 1-800-PREPARE. If you have any questions about what is needed and why, feel free to contact us today.