Blackout Kits

Many people assume surviving a blackout is hardly something that requires a kit. After all, if the lights go out, you simply light a candle or use a flashlight, right? The problem, of course, is that should your power interruption stretch into days or weeks, you will quickly discover how many essential services require electricity to run.

The most important are without question refrigeration and heat--two things nearly every American relies upon to survive. Our blackout kits are designed expressly to address these shortcomings by giving you and your family adequate food and warmth to make it through a bitter winter disaster. Add in radios and flashlights, and it's no wonder so many clients tell us they would be lost without our products.

1-800-PREPARE has been developing its blackout kits for many years based on the same philosophy of conservative planning that governs everything we do. Today we sell our products directly to consumers and to other businesses as well--proof positive we offer the finest survival tools on the market. We even supply drop shipping for our business partners, providing a seamless conduit to serve their customers in a hurry.

Blackouts may not be terrifying events, but it pays to keep the proper tools on hand. If you want to learn more about our kits for every contingency, just ask. We are available to answer questions by phone at 1-800-PREPARE, so please contact us.