Tom Buda


Thomas J. Buda is currently with the U.S. State Department. In October of 2007 he was appointed as the Law Enforcement Liaison Officer at the United States Mission to the United Nations. He serves as the U.S. Mission's primary senior adviser in all matters relating to the security of the UN, the permanent missions accredited to it, and their personnel.

In August 2006 while on active military duty he was asked to manage the DOD distinguished visitors program at the U.S. Mission and coordinate DOD contacts with the UN. After that tour on Active Military duty, Thomas returned to the US Navy Reserves and is currently a Chief Petty Officer specializing in Anti-terrorism and Force Protection and was most recently assigned to Submarine Group 10 Force Protection Detachment 2 (SUBGRU 10 FP Det. 2). SUBGRU 10's primary mission is to provide security for fleet ballistic missile submarines. Thomas worked as a team leader on missions both here and abroad and has served as Training Officer and Operations Officer for the Unit and most recently their Command Chief. Thomas was deployed on active duty once again in 2009 and was assigned to Joint Task Force Guantanamo with the Joint Intelligence Group. During that time he was also assigned as the Chief of Security for Military Commissions.

Previously, Thomas served with the New York City Police Department as a Detective for more than 20 years. He achieved the rank of Second Grade Detective before his retirement from the NYPD in 2005. His assignments included serving on the FBI NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), where he worked with National Security, Military, federal and state law enforcement agencies, and the FBI New York Office Hazardous Material Response team. Thomas also acted as a lead investigator on the attacks on September 11th, the anthrax attacks, responded to Yemen immediately following the attack of the USS Cole, and was designated as the FBI New York Office Special Events Coordinator responsible to assist in the security coordination for the UN General Assembly, the Republican National Convention, Special Session of Congress in NYC, and the World Economic Forum among other events. In addition, Thomas was a member of teams investigating Al Qaeda, Hamas, and other domestic and International terrorist groups, assigned to the FBI Weapons of Mass Destruction/Infrastructure Protection group, and conducted investigations in Guantanamo Bay immediately following the attacks of September 11th.

Prior to these assignments, he was part of the FBI NYPD Joint Bank Robbery Task Force, the 75th Precinct Detective Squad, Midtown North Detective Squad and the Organized Crime Control Bureau's Narcotics division, investigating homicides, armed bank robberies, kidnappings, Asian gang activity (alien smuggling), assaults, armored car robberies, bank burglaries, extortion and organized crime. Among many of his collateral duties at JTTF, Thomas provided training to hundreds of FBI academy graduates in the art of Interview and Interrogation while assigned to the FBI New York Office. In addition to his NYPD career, Thomas is a licensed Private Investigator, security consultant and has served as technical advisor on feature length films, documentaries and television.

Thomas attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice.