Survival Kit Information

It would have been so convenient if disasters followed a schedule that allowed you to foresee the damage they could cause. But with a carefully-assembled survival kit, you and your family or office colleagues will have a better chance at coping with any emergency. 

It's not really that difficult to assemble disaster kits. All you need to do is to consider your basic human needs. Remember that in times of calamities, there's a high possibility that access to city utilities such as water, electricity and telephones may be hampered. This being the case, you want to make sure that you have everything that you need in your kit to literally survive days without these conveniences. 

It's always best to be prepared for any eventuality and a proper survival kit should ensure that you will be able to cope with any emergency or disaster. You need to be equipped with the supplies that will help you and your family survive on your own devices after a disaster strikes as help will not always be readily accessible.

Natural calamities can cause the disruption of basic services such as gas, water and telephones. This can stretch out for several days or, in worst cases, weeks. You may even find yourself evacuating without much of a warning so you want to be ready to take only what you need with you. You wouldn't have time to shop or even look around the house for supplies when disaster strikes.

Basic supplies

Your survival kit should consist of basic items that you will need to survive at least three days on your own. This will include non-perishable food items, clean water, first aid kits, clothing and bedding, special tools and other items that you may need as in cases when someone in your household has special health concerns. You want to keep all this things in a container that is easy to carry � i.e. a camping backpack, duffle bag or a covered trash container.

Where to place your kit

As a general rule, you need to place your survival kit in an area of your home that you can easily reach. You will also want to keep an emergency supplies kit in your car and in your workplace. Make sure that you inform everyone in your home about where the disaster kit is stored so they'll know where to go in case of emergency.


Disaster wouldn't strike everyday and it's possible that you wouldn't even have to use the survival kit in years. But you would want to make sure that it is still well-maintained and usable when the time comes that you will really need it. This being the case, you want to maintain your kit properly by replacing your supplies with fresh ones regularly. Canned food, for instance, will need to be replaced every couple of months, so just purchase those that you will also eat on a regular basis. It's also a good idea to assess your family's needs every year and update your disaster kits to address new needs.

Coping with disasters

The main goal of a survival kit is to help you cope with a disaster until such time that help arrives. When you live in a disaster-prone area or somewhere that is pretty remote from the center of the city, it's entirely possible that you wouldn't be able to get help in case you get stuck in a calamity. You will probably have to wait a day or two, even three days for rescue teams to arrive. Since you can't very well wait for three days without water or food, your disaster kit will make sure that you will still live to see the rescuers and everyone else in your community. 

Overlooked details

People become too complacent when they live within the city mainly because they feel that everything that they need is but a stone's throw away. But what if an earthquake stroke and you can't get out of your home or anywhere farther than your garage because of safety issues? Even the grocer located just around the corner will be inaccessible to you. A survival kit contains basic necessities such as food and medicine. It will tide you over until the roads are passable again, at least by foot traffic. It will make sure that you incur lesser injuries and help make the rescuers' jobs easier because they don't have to deal with starved victims. 

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