Survival First Aid Kits

Survival first aid kits are a definite must in any disaster and emergency preparedness plan. Disasters, regardless of size, usually bring with it injuries to people as well as several minor and major illnesses. The worst part of falling sick or having an injury when there is a disaster, however, is that medical help is not always immediately available. This is where a handy first aid kit enters the picture. By having enough emergency medical and first aid supplies, you can apply preliminary treatment to any injury or illness that you or a family member may incur during or in the aftermath of a disaster.


The contents of survival first aid kits usually vary depending on your needs. For instance, if you or another family member is on prescription medicines, a supply of these should be part of your kit. There are, however, some basic items that should be included in any kit. These are bandages, gauze pads, antibiotic ointment, iodine pads, medical adhesive tapes, painkillers, and disinfectant alcohol.
Additional supplies that you may add in order to build more sophisticated survival first aid kits are bandages for sprains, thermometer, safety pins, gloves, tweezers, scissors, hot or cold packs and eye drops. You may also include a handy first aid manual in your kits if you are not well-trained.


Aside from supplies, medicines are also important components of survival first aid kits. Painkillers, as mentioned above are very a must in every kit. Other equally essential medication include anti-histamine, ammonia inhalants or smelling salts, decongestants, cold medicines, poison treatment, and burn medication. Diarrhea medication would also come in handy especially given that water is likely to be contaminated following a disaster.

Likewise, make sure to have enough supply of the prescription and special medication that you or a family member is required to take.

Homemade and commercial

There are basically two types of survival first aid kits, homemade and commercial. Homemade kits are those which you put together using supplies and medication you already have at home. Commercial ones, on the other hand, are those complete kits you can readily buy from stores. In most cases, commercial ones are more sophisticated than homemade kits but the latter tends to be more personalized according to your needs.

Putting your own kit together

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