Robin Habeger

robin-habeger.jpgRobin Habeger is an active search and rescue canine handler in several organizations with experience responding to many different types of disasters and emergency situations.   As part of several different search teams as a canine handler, Robin has responded to many different situations allowing her a balanced outlook on how canine search fits into the larger disaster response picture.  She believes that education is an increasingly important tool to helping other canine handlers prepare to respond.  Robin is the Executive Director of the Paws of Life Foundation

Robin Habeger has been active in search and rescue since 2001 and is often on the front lines of an emergency situation helping to find missing individuals.  Her skills as a canine handler and trainer as well as her education and experience provide a unique and problem solving attitude.  Robin and her certified dog, Talyn, respond with Iowa Task Force 1, an urban search and rescue team, STAR 1 Search and Rescue, a wilderness search and rescue team, and Central Iowa Underwater Search and Rescue, a dive recovery team.

She holds multiple certifications in search and rescue with her canines and as an individual. She’s responded to natural disasters and searches that are based in criminal activity. Currently Robin has three dogs, a border collie named Talyn (NASAR Area Search I, HRD, Disaster Responder, Disaster Responder HRD, NOCDS HRD) and a black lab named Winnie in training for HRD and a yellow lab/golden retriever mix named Dunder, in training for disaster search work.

Robin’s full time job is working with the Iowa State University Foundation as a development officer for corporations and foundations.  She holds two masters degrees from Iowa State University.