Personal, Home And Auto Survival Kits

In emergency planning, it is important to remember that we may never know when a disaster will strike. Disasters can occur while we are at home, while driving, at work, at our weekend retreats or virtually anywhere. Wouldn’t it be wise to have at least three separate 72-hour kits immediately available…one for each of these locations?

Home Disaster Survival Kits

At the very least, consider stocking a home survival kit. Considering we spend the majority of our time at our homes, it’s very important to have basic survival supplies on-hand should a disaster strike. The last thing you would want, when time might be of the essence, is to scramble around your home looking for a flashlight with dead batteries or a first aid kit with very few or missing items. Your home survival kit should be kept in a safe area of the home and everyone should know where it is. This kit should only be used in a disaster. The survival items should not be used for minor medical or comfort needs, even if you have the intent to replace the items later.

Key Items Included in Survival Kits

We offer a wide selection of kits containing food and water supplies, first aid supplies, flashlights, emergency radios and a host of other necessary items.

Car & Auto Emergency Survival Kits

You may be like many or most North Americans spending at least an hour a day driving in their cars. It is important to keep some basic automobile safety items on-hand. These items or kits can be kept in the trunk or back of the car. These emergency items are extremely necessary should you find yourself either in a car accident or stuck in your vehicle during a disaster. We highly recommend our basic automobile safety kit coupled with some of our individual emergency products. You may need to keep warm, signal for help, treat minor injuries or shelter in-place until help arrives.

Survival Kits for the Office, Weekend Retreats, Boats & Cabins

Where else do you spend a considerable amount of your time? Most likely your office, your weekend retreat or perhaps your boat. Since disasters usually occur without much warning, stock these locations with survival kits as well. Our kits come in many different styles and sizes to accommodate the needs of each of your primary locations. We want to make it easy and convenient for you to prepare and plan for emergency situations wherever you may be.