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Dr Maurice Ramirez

Dr Maurice Ramirez

dr-maurice-ramirez.jpgFounding member of the American Academy of Disaster Medicine serving to guide the development of the Academy prior to its incorporation as a separate entity from the American Board of Disaster Medicine.

American Academy of Disaster Medicine

Founding member of the American Academy of Disaster Medicine serving to guide the development of the Academy prior to its incorporation as a separate entity from the American Board of Disaster Medicine.

High Alert, LLC – Founder and President

Provide Consulting & Keynote Speeches in the areas of Disaster Healthcare, Corporate Preparedness and Business Strategies for Good Times & Bad.

Developed the Business Triage Model for the management of goals, outcomes and resources to ensure maximum goal achievement even during times of resource shortage.

Developed the Continuous Integrated Triage model for healthcare mass casualty based on my reorganization of triage at the Louis Armstrong Int'l Airport in the first days after hurricane Katrina.

Subsequently incorporated the Support Center / Family Center model of James Shultz, Ph.D. to create a model that allows for a healthcare surge of up to 400%.

Expanded the "PIVOT" model for risk assessment which incorporates Probability, Impact, Vulnerability, Outrage and Threat, correlating these with concepts of Hazard and Risk while integrating concepts of Tolerance, Expectation, Preception and Reality to create a simple formula for predicting public response to an event.

American Board of Disaster Medicine – Founding Member

Guided the formation and incorporation of the American Board of Disaster Medicine from July 2004 though February 2007. Lead the organization through the formation of the Board and recruitment of its founding members. Lead the formation of the component Academy of Disaster medicine until its incorporation in 2006 when the Academy became an independent organization.

Provided oversight and leadership through the process of creating Core Competencies, Envisioning and Implementing the use of Immersion Simulation as a physician testing method and the creation of a computer based didactic examination.

National Disaster Medical System – Senior Physician/ Federal Medical Officer

Senior Physician with the Level 1 Disaster Medical Assstance Team based in Tampa, FL (DMAT-FL3). Served in federal deployments for hurricane Katrina (Louis Armstrong Int'l Airport - New Orleans, LA), hurricane Rita (Memorial Herman South - Houston, TX) and hurricane Wilma (Pembrook Pines Hospital - Pembrook Pines, FL).

State Medical Response Team - Physician

Physician on the Level 1 State Medical Response Team based in Tampa, FL (SMRT-FL3).

Independent Emergency Physician (Sole Proprietorship) – Owner/Physician

Emergency Physician as an Independent Contractor for multiple staffing companies at hospitals across Florida including:

Independent Professional Speaker (Sole Proprietorship)

Professional Speaker providing Motivational Keynotes, Nutrition and Health programs, custom training and presentation of academic material in an Infortainment format to public, private, corporate and professional audiences.

Ad Hoc Response Teams – Disaster Volunteer

Disaster Response Volunteer beginning in June 1980 as a recovery field worker clearing debris, later volunteering with the American Red Cross as a shelter volunteer and then shelter first aid provider.

Volunteered as a physician at hurricane Andrew and subsequently in local and regional responses until 9/11. After the loss of my cousin in Tower 2, I returned to full time emergency medicine and updated my disaster / terrorism response skills finally joining NDMS/DMAT-FL3 and SMRT-FL3 while deploying with local services in Osceola and Brevard County, FL during hurricanes Charlie, Francis and Jeanne.