72 Hour Emergency Survival Kits

The days following a disaster are undeniably difficult times �food is scarce, clean water is unavailable, and electricity is most likely to be out. This is why you should always have 72 hour emergency survival kits. These kits are your lifeline as you face possibly some of the most grueling days of your life. Research and experience have proven that the three days or 72 hours that immediately follows a disaster are times of great difficulty for reasons mentioned above. However, while there is not way to stop a natural disaster from occurring, there are ways to prepare for what such a disaster holds.

Emergency kit essentials

All your 72 hour emergency survival kits should contain basic needs such as food and water. Prepare a three day supply of food and water for each person in your family, making sure that the food you include requires no refrigeration or cooking as both would be close to impossible in the aftermath of a disaster. Examples of food you can include in the kit are protein or granola bars, dried fruits, cereals, crackers, canned foods (especially the �pop-top� cans that can be opened without the use of a can-opener), and hard candies. For fluids, you can also have a stash of canned juice. As for water, it is advisable to include at least 1 gallon of clean drinking water per person in the group.

Beddings and clothes are also essential to all 72 hour emergency survival kits. What you would need to put in includes a full change of clothing, undergarments, rain coats, and blankets. Moreover, you must also have enough fuel and lighting supplies such as batteries, candles, flashlights, and waterproof matches.

Your 72 hour emergency survival kits should also have equipment and miscellaneous supplies such as dishes, cutleries, can openers, a radio with batteries, shovel, pen, paper, rope, and a pocket knife. These things would come in handy to keep you updated and for improvising with things around the house.

Finally, a must-have in every survival kit is the first aid and medical supply kit. Injuries and minor illness almost always follow whenever there is a disaster so make sure you are also ready for these. Include in your 72 hour emergency survival kits first aid supplies, a set of toiletries, cleaning supplies, general medication, and your prescription medicines for three days. 

Putting it all together

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