3 Day Survival Kit

When you're in the middle of a disaster and you need to fend for yourself until the rescuers arrive, it can sometimes be difficult to assemble everything that you need to survive on your own. This is where a 3 day survival kit will come in handy. This kit will help make it possible for you and your family to fend for yourselves while waiting for help to arrive. It also works to minimize the potential damage that a calamity can cause as far as your safety and well-being is concerned.

After a disaster strikes, access to basic services such as gas, electricity and telephone may be disrupted and you may not get rescued immediately. This being the case, you want to assemble a 3 day survival kit to ensure that you can survive on your own while waiting for proper help to come. This kit is recommended especially in high-disaster areas and locations that are not easily accessible by land transport.

Why three?

On the average, you could be stranded for a maximum of three days in a disaster-stricken area before professional rescuers arrive to help you evacuate to a safer location. If you live in an area where all transport options have been cut, you want to make sure that you have everything that you would need to survive while waiting for the roads to clear. The 3 day survival kit is designed provide you with basic necessities that you will need to live through the calamity without jeopardizing your health.

Help may not be able to come immediately when you need it. In the worst case scenario, you may be forced to fend for your own for days. This is why it's important to keep supplies that are enough to sustain your for at least three days. That's usually how long it takes for emergency rescue teams to come to places that are rendered inaccessible because of natural calamities.

Beyond rescue

In graver cases, you will still need your 3 day survival kit even after you have been rescued and evacuated to another area. Because the supply of basic services and other necessities is still limited in evacuation sites, you will need your survival kit to at least tide you over on things that you will probably need such as beddings, warm clothing and medications. It would make the job for rescue personnel much easier if people took the time to assemble disaster kits so they can take care of themselves. After all, the government can only do so much.

What you need

When assembling your 3 day survival kit, you want to consider including everything that you would need to survive. Remember that access to services such as water, electricity and telephone may be cut off during a calamity. As such, you will need to stock up on clean water and food. Make sure to include sleeping beds for your family, clothes and medications. You will also probably need to factor in your household's specific health concerns when you put your kit together.

Your 3 day survival kit should contain all the basic stuff that you need to live out on your own. These will include food, clothing, water, and first aid kit among others. If you're living with your family, you want to consider each member's special needs when assembling this kit. This is to ensure that all concerns are covered even when you're in the middle of a disaster

Food should include non-perishable items such as canned food. You will also need to include baby food and any special items for members of your family who have to follow a specialized meal plan. You also need to store at least three gallons of water in plastic containers for each member of the household. An average individual will need at least two quarts of water. So a gallon a day is the normal consumption if you factor in water used for cooking and hygiene.

First aid kit and special tools

Special items are for people in your home who have specific needs such as babies, the elderly and the disabled. Babies will need infant formula, diapers and medications among others. Adults will probably require their prescription drugs and other medications. You will also need to include a couple of tools in your 3 day survival kit. Examples include battery operated radios and extra batteries, Swiss knives and signal flares.

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